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Dan Dao Qu Hui Tang

Drive Roundworms from the Biliary Tract Decoction

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Source: New [Text on the] Acute Abdomen (1978)

Category: Formulas that Expel Parasites

Pattern: Parasitic infestations

Key Symptoms: Severe abdominal pain and a mass in the abdomen (usually the right upper quadrant).

Mu Xiang 9g
Zhi Ke 6g
Bing Lang 30g
Ku Lian Gen Pi 15g
Shi Jun Zi 15g

In the UK Bing Lang must be substituted with Zhi Shi and Fei Zi.
Ku Lian Gen Pi and Shi Jun Zi may be difficult to obtain.

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Promotes the movement of Qi, dissipates clumps, expels parasites, alleviates pain

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