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Da An Wan

Great Tranquility Pill

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Source: Essential Teachings of Dan-Xi (1481)
Author: Zhu Dan-Xi

Category: Formulas that Reduce Food Stagnation

Pattern: Food Stagnation with Spleen deficiency

Key Symptoms: Fullness or distention in the epigastrium or abdomen, foul-smelling belching, aversion to food, fatigue
Secondary Symptoms: Abdominal pain, acid reflux, nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea

Tongue: Yellow greasy coating
Pulse: Slippery
Abdomen: Discomfort in the epigastrium, distention in the upper abdomen

Shan Zha 9-15g
Bai Zhu 9-15g
Shen Qu 9-15g
Lai Fu Zi 6-9g
Chen Pi 6-9g
Zhi Ban Xia 9-12g
Fu Ling 9-12g
Lian Qiao 3-6g

Preparation: Ground into powder and made into pills with water. Taken in 6-9g doses with warm water. May also be prepared as a decoction with dosages above.

Actions: Reduces Food Stagnation, harmonises the Stomach, strengthens the Spleen

Contraindications: Long term use

This is a variation of Bao He Wan with the addition of Bai Zhu to strengthen the Spleen. It is especially useful in children.

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