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Source: Craft of Medicines and Patterns for Children (1119)
Author: Qian Yi

Category: Formulas that Open the Sensory Orifices

Pattern: Phlegm-Heat entering the Pericardium

Key Symptoms: Fever, impaired consciousness, childhood convulsions, irritability and restlessness
Secondary Symptoms: Wheezing, nausea, night crying, vomiting milk, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, excessive secretion of mucus and saliva, sounds of mucus in the throat

Tian Zhu Huang 30g
Xiong Huang 3g
Zhu Sha 15g
She Xiang 15g
Dan Nan Xing 120g

Most of this formula needs to be substituted in the UK. The standard substitutions would be:
Xiong Huang == no standard replacement. Things like Chong Lou, Yu Jin, Zhi Zi and Zhu Li would complement the other substitutions and the overall focus of the formula
Zhu Sha == Hu Po
She Xiang == Shi Chang Pu + Ru Xiang
Dan Nan Xing == Tian Zhu Huang or Tian Nan xing + Zhu Ru

Preparation: Ground into a fine powder and made into pills with licorice juice and taken with warm water. Dosage ranges from 1/4 of a pill for infants of 3 months of less to 3-5 for an adult.

Actions: Clears Heat, transforms Phlegm, opens the sensory orifices and calms the Shen

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