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Ai Fu Nuan Gong Wan

Mugwort and Cyperus Pill to Warm the Palace

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Source: Straight Directions from Ren-Zhai (1264)
Author: Yang Shi-Ying / Ren-Zhai

Category: Formulas that Regulate Blood

Pattern: Cold in the Womb causing Blood stasis and deficiency

Key Symptoms: Thin vaginal discharge, sallow and wan complexion, achy limbs, fatigue, lack of strength, reduced appetite, occasional abdominal pain, infertility
Secondary Symptoms: Second or third trimester pregnancy with a cold painful sensation in the lower abdomen, abdominal distention

Tongue: Pale with white coat
Abdomen: Cold below the umbilicus

Ai Ye 90g
Xiang Fu 180g (vinegar fried)
Wu Zhu Yu 90g
Chuan Xiong 60g
Bai Shao 60g (wine fried)
Huang Qi 60g
Hua Jiao 60g
Xu Duan 45g
Sheng Di Huang 30g (wine fried)
Rou Gui 15g

Preparation: Ground into a fine powder and made into pills with rice vinegar. 6g taken before meals with a dilute vinegar solution. Patients are prohibited from getting angry or eating cold and raw foods.

Actions: Warms the vessels and comforts the Womb, nourishes and invigorates the Blood.

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